TellyJuice sponsorship for Freesat

TellyJuice Create Sponsorship Adverts for Freesat

Freesat secured a sponsorship deal with ITV with just over a week to deliver the creative.  They were so pleased with the success of their previous advertising campaign made by TellyJuice, that they asked us to come up with some further ideas to support the campaign.  So without a moment to lose, we set to...

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Your AD Here Concept

Video In Programmatic Advertising And How It Can Help Your Business

Programmatic advertising can often be extremely profitable for businesses, with a high return on investment (ROI) and minimal financial risk. The main barrier preventing many businesses from taking advantage of this form of advertising is the often confusing and alienating language used to describe the process. TellyJuice has compiled an easy-to-understand guide to the basics...

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freetime tv campaign

TellyJuice Create Peak Advertising Campaign for Freesat

Senior Creative: Kate Chedgey Producer: Zoe Papadopoulou Art Director: David Skinner Designer: Neil Szymanski The advertising campaign idea Here is a series of 5 television adverts created by TellyJuice for Freesat.  They asked us to develop a campaign which promoted their new Freetime Box and all its wonderful features.  The campaign needed to be on...

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Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #3

Every month we invite three TellyJuicers to share with the wider company some creative video clips they have found. Dave Toomer (Creative Director), Kate Chedgey (our new Senior Creative), and Natalie Garden (Production) all found some inspirational vids. Here are the top three! Dave found this great AMC Takeover reel from 2014. It showcases all...

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facebook video marketing

Could Facebook Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Advertising and marketing have always been fluid industries, quick to adapt to new trends and eager to experiment with the latest technologies and work practices. In recent years the focus of this experimental attitude has been the potential of social media to gain brand attention and attract new customers. Facebook in particular has access to...

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luggage tellyjuice video

Who Knew Your Luggage Was Having So Much Fun?

If you have enjoyed a summer holiday and are now back at work, take a look at this awesome behind-the-scenes video from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam – we guarantee it will help with the ‘back-to-work blues’. Who knew that whilst you were buying your Duty Free, your luggage was enjoying the most amazing roller coaster...

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old spice commercial

Businesses Built On Successful Advertising Campaigns

Quotable phrases, catchy songs, memorable characters and talking animals. A successful advert is seen once and never forgotten and in some cases, can become a cultural phenomenon. Nowadays the possibilities for sharing content are greater than ever, with popular videos reaching millions of viewers and receiving millions of shares online. Some of the entries in this...

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Marshal's Law by Golden Tortoise

Marshal’s Law Comedy Series Picked Up By London Live

TellyJuice’s sister company Golden Tortoise, which produces comedy films and television series, has sold its 12 x 30 minute series Marshal’s Law to London Live, London’s 24-hour entertainment television channel. Marshal’s Law Launch Promo Production Company: Golden Tortoise Written By: Jason Attar & Niall Towl Starring: Jason Attar & Hatty Ashdown A Hybrid Comedy Marshal’s...

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embarrassing corporate video

Your Corporate Video Doesn’t Have To Be Cringey

cringey [crin-jee] adjective 1. Causing one to cringe in discomfort or embarrassment A corporate video can be a fantastic way to liven up internal communications, diversify your company website or explain your product clearly and concisely to customers. A corporate video can hugely benefit your site and your brand, and may even help your site...

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